A camera inspection system positioned on the conveyor belt, consisting of a camera with microprocessor, a special optical group and a dedicated lighting system. The caps have to be positioned in a single line and well spaced. It is recommended the use of an empty conveyor belt in order to let pass the caps in front of the camera.

The system allows the identification of many defective problems associated with plastic caps moulding. All caps are analyzed in-line and a series of checks is carried out giving information of any deformation/ovalisation of the cap and/or its relative safety ring, deformation and/or any other irregularity of the sealing ring, presence of dirt, overturning of the cap, absence of any foreseen internal embossment,…

The software necessary to process and detect defects is a guaranteed SELFLEARNING application which immediately identifies cap dimension and type, as well as the tolerances set by the operator. It also allows independent management of various inspections to enable adjustment to the type of caps to be produced.

The rejection of caps that do not conform reduces later inconvenience in production (line blockage, capping unit breakage etc.) as well as guaranteeing the aesthetics and functionality of the cap once it is placed on the bottle.

Production data and statistics are memorized for later analysis.

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