QCS120 is an automatic off-line control unit which is positioned at the exit of the filling/capping block, and is destined to sampling check of removal torque, weight, internal container pressure, CO2 and brix. This system unifies the core aspirations of FT System and Arol: from the former, knowledge of bottle/filling valve traceability, weight check and internal bottle pressure, and from the latter, many years’ experience of closure and match control.

The machine carries out sampling tests on containers divided into various phases: automatic withdrawal of bottles from the line; entrance of bottles into the unit; execution of torque’s control, weight and eventual effervescence checks, CO2 and brix; release of analysed bottles back into the line, avoiding the losses for destructive controls. The way in which the system chooses the samples is interesting; the withdrawals can be synchronized to the number of capping heads and filling valves so that a performance data bank can be created for each individual capping head and filling valve. The management of the programmed maintenance results more fast and effective with a smaller use of spare parts and reducing the interruptions for extraordinary maintenances.

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