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PCS700-LS Pressure Control System

This non-contact inspection system is ideal for detecting low pressure and leaking plastic or glass containers containing carbonated beverages.

The system uses a laser to inspect the pressure by analyzing the gas in the headspace of the filled and sealed container. The inspection is non-contact, non-destructive and capable of inspection speeds up to 1,200 containers per minute.

The patented technology gives the PCS700-LS the ability to perform the measurement independent of the color of the container.

The FT System PCS700-LS system uses a patented tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technique.

Certain molecules, including CO2, when in the gaseous state, have a particular and unique frequency where they absorb light. This characteristic is measurable using the TDLAS technology.

As a container passes through the sensor, the laser emits a beam at a specific frequency on one side of the container. A receiver on the opposite side of the container measures the beam after it has passed through the headspace of the container.

The measurement of total pressure is based on the alteration of the laser beam caused by interference from the CO2 molecules in the head space.

The PCS700-LS state-of-the-art laser emitter and receiver analyze the gas in the headspace and convert the data to a pressure value.

Any container with internal pressure that falls below user set limits is rejected.

The system is ideal for plastic containers and eliminates the need for unsanitary and expensive squeeze belts.

The system is also ideal for glass containers with aluminum or steel closures such as beer and sparkling wines.

The PCS700-LS will make it’s North American debut at the Pack Expo show being held in Chicago next week.

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