June 2014


UC07: measurement of CO2 in beverages goes through IR rays.


The new UC07 has been created: a system for measuring and analyzing CO2 dissolved in beverages based on proven ATR technology. Reliability and precision are at the basis of this modern instrument which simplifies measurement of dissolved CO2, guaranteeing high levels of performance and measurement quality for soft drinks, mineral waters, beers and fruit juices.

Innovation and technology make this infrared instrument the latest reference point for the Beverage sector, significantly simplifying both the installation and maintenance of the instrument. In fact, the absence of moving parts makes it possible to create a highly reliable instrument. Furthermore, direct installation using a Triclamp or Varivent connector guarantees, at any time, easy installation of the UC07 on existing lines, and a perfect sanification.

Not just a single instrument, but a complete analysis system can be offered by Maselli Misure, a company which has always taken great care to guarantee its customers personalized solutions to meet the most varied needs. The UC07 system is used together with the MP01 or MP02 multiparametric receivers for data display and analysis by means of a simple but comprehensive user interface.

Maselli Misure once again proves itself a leader in the optical measuring sector, offering avant-garde instruments of renowned reliability which require almost no maintenance.

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