Company Profile

Maselli Misure S.P.A. head quarters is Located in Parma Italy and was founded in 1948. Maselli as a company has along and well established business history in the field of process analysis and quality control Instrumentation, with the company’s roots set in the food and beverage field as well as heavy industry and chemical markets. The systems Maselli Misure design and manufacture are developed with a focus on High Quality, High Precision and Reliability.

Maselliis a Global Company with a network of Distributors and Direct offices covering every Industrial is country in the world. Direct offices are located in strategic locations to provide the best possible support for the distribution network and customers in that geographical location. Maselli Misure Europe, Maselli Eastern Europe, Maselli Measurements USA, Maselli Middle East and Maselli Asia are part of a growing and vibrant company with a true focus on customer needs and customer support.

Maselli Asia was established in 2005 and is focused on a range of complimentary products that provide a total solution for our customers in the Asia Pacific and Sub Continent. Our expansive network that covers the complete area from Pakistan in the West to Japan in the East as far north as Mongolia to New Zealand in the South. Our Asia Pacific Headquarters is located in Sydney Australia with sate litte offices in :

  • Bangkok Thailand,
  • Shanghai and Beijing China,
  • Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi in India.

From each of these key locations, Sales, Application, Customer Service and Technical Assistance are available.

Our Company Philosophy is to have a strong focus on customer support and to develop systems that enable our clients to improve their quality as well as process capability.

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