IF02 – Fermentation Analyzer


The IF-02 analysis system consists of the RP-60 refractometer unit, which is the system’s analysis element, and the FM-01 receiver. The RP-60 refractometer unit is a portable, battery-powered device which allows the user to measure the refractive index of a must sample taken from a fermentation tank. The RP-60 combines a control unit with a touch screen display with an extremely compact, high-precision refractometric sensor. The portable RP-60 unit may be used both by means of a dedicated basin protected by the light or introducing it directly in the liquid. The data measured at the fermenters is downloaded via USB to the second element of the system; the FM-01 receiver which, usually placed in the laboratory, performs both data collection and processing functions. The software in the FM-01 processes the downloaded data and starting from the initial fermentation values (alcohol, nD, conductivity) calculates the variations in the alcohol and sugar content. It then produces graphs to show the alcohol increase curve in relation to the decrease in sugar.


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