IF01 – Fermentation Analyzer


The IF01 system has been designed and constructed to monitor fermentation processes for wines ( both red and white) and beer. The UR61 measurement sensor is an extremely compact, high-precision refractometric unit.

Measurement principle

By detecting the variations in the nD (refractive index) of a fermenting solution it is possible to accurately calculate the alcohol and sugar variation which brought it about. Basically, by setting the system at the beginning of fermentation, entering the alcohol content and the nD (automatically detected by the analysis unit), from that moment to each successive nD variation it is possible to calculate the variation in alcohol and sugars which brought it about, allowing the system to work out a curve showing the increase in alcohol and the decrease in sugars which has occurred since fermentation began.

The unit is installed directly onto the body of the fermenter and is capable of measuring Real Alcohol (or Alcohol Content), sugars and Non-reducing Extract (ENR) in real time, thus rendering control over alcoholic fermentation in musts completely automatic.

The unit is connected by a RS485 serial connection to a receiver (FM01) on which dedicated Maselli software is installed. The values measured by the unit are processed by the software, stored in the database and displayed in the form of a fermentation curve graph for fast interpretation.                                                                                          Furthermore, this automatic monitoring system makes it possible to swiftly detect  anomalies such as any deceleration or stoppage of the fermentation process and send out the relevent alarm messages.


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