IB07 vista frontale

The beverage analyzer IB07 is the only 100% in line system able to measure accurately Bx and CO2 of any regular carbonated beverage including fruit juice with fibers, energy drinks and mineral waters.

The equipment is based on optical technology: refractive index for Bx measurement and infrared for CO2 one. Both analyzers do not have any drift in the time so that the Maselli IB08 acts like a “black box” which does not need any adjustment vs the laboratory: after the initial configuration during start up, the operators in the plant do not have to touch the system anymore. The Maselli IB07 may be delivered in 3 different configurations: only Bx, only CO2 or the combination Bx/CO2 but, in any case, the installation can be easily made by means of 1 single Varivent fitting.

Due to the optical technology, the equipment is virtually no maintenance reducing drastically the ownership costs.

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