UR62 – Refractometric analyzer

The UR-62 Digital Refractometer is a process refractometer for continuous in-line measurement of liquid concentration. It has the advantages of being extremely compact, rugged and simple to install, while offering an excellent performance to cost ratio.

The UR-62 is designed for those applications where a continuous concentration measurement is required combined with a 4-20mA output. The output has a resolution of 0.2 brix or concentration equivalent. In addition there are two volt-free alarm contacts that can be set for both concentration value and hysteresis.

The UR-62 is easily set up and configured through a PC or portable computing device using its built in RS485 interface. It can also be connected to the optional RC-24 touch screen operator display unit.A series of special fittings make it quick and easy to install the UR-62 directly into a process line or tank. Construction in 316 stainless steel and a protection rating of IP67 makes it suitable for most process environments.The UR-62 uses a hard wearing spinel prism, a long-life LED light source, CCD optical detection and automatic temperature compensation for reliable, stable, drift-free operation.


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