UR24 – In-line process refractometer

The UR24 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed for simple installation in-line or in a tank or vessel. It continuously measures concentration and displays and outputs the result in Brix or % concentration. It also features a user programmable scale for specific applications. The UR24 will signal to the process when concentration is outside of specifications or has reached its target end point.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Abrasion resistant sapphire prism
  • High resolution CCD optical processing
  • Local concentration display
  • Simple mounting direct in-line or in-tank

The UR24 is unaffected by dissolved gases, entrained air, particulates, high viscosity liquids and does not require a bypass loop installation. Mounting fittings are available with various connections including weld ends, Tri-clamps, flanges, and DIN 11851. In addition to the standard analogue and digital interfaces, Profibus DP is available as an option.


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