Steinfurth CO2 Tank & KEG Tester


For CO2-measurement on a tank or the line

Checking of the CO2 content at different process steps is essential to verify the quality of the final product. The Steinfurth Tank & KEG Tester can be connected to a tank of the product line or KEG for easy product sampling.

The System combines easy operation with the new, highly accurate and compact CO2 manometer for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement and automatic CO2 calculation. The instrument is designed as price competitive alternative to the existing CO2 testers for tank & KEG measurement and with the ergonomic, water resistant housing a reliable tool for innovative brewers.


The instrument is connected to the tank or KEG by a tube and filled with the product. After disconnecting the instrument from the tube the measurement is made by shaking and snifting. The measurement is operated controlled by the CO2 Mano.

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