Steinfurth Closure Tester (CT V6)


Standardized, safe environment

Resistance against interior pressure should be tested frequently, but at least when a new closure design is to be introduced. This test is called Proper Application Test (PAT). The Steinfurth Closure Tester gives the opportunity to safely perform and observe this test under water in a stable plastic tank.

The second function of the Closure Tester is the Top Load Vent Test (TLVT). This allows testing the resistance against leaking while a strong vertical force is applied to the closure, thus simulating the stacking of the containers (bottles or cans) in trays. This test, too, is performed under water in a tank. The Steinfurth IPPS is used typically as the “pressure engine” for automation of these both tests.


PAT: Testing pressure is applied to the specimen closure, which is on the original container (or parts thereof), under water and in the tank. The behavior of the closure (Leakages, popping off or other failures) can be safely observed from outside.

TLVT: A vertical force is applied to the container by a pneumatic cylinder. The behavior of the container (Leakages, cracks, collapsing) can be safely observed from outside.


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