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Small scale inline carbonation
Routine sampling from beverage containers for analytical purposes may result in considerable strain for additional laboratory work. While sampling consists of a few simple movements, these have to be attentively performed and often every few minutes interrupt other tasks that require full concentration.
Especially if great numbers of samples must be taken and the main analytical work is already semi-automated, manual operation of a sampling device poses an additional work time (= costs).
The Steinfurth Auto-Sampler AS 380C offers high efficient integration of measuring devices requiring beverage sampling with automatic multiple sampling from up to 12 containers.

The beverage containers are conveyed to an automatic piercing device which pierces the bottle closure or can and lowers a sampling probe into the liquid through which the sample is fed to the analyzer connected to the Auto Sampler.
A certain sampling pressure is maintained all the time and prevents the sample from foaming or CO2 loss.
A safety cabinet protects the user from injury hazards due to moving parts and from package fragments.
The Auto-Sampler AS 380C is able communicate with analyzers like the Steinfurth Foam Stability Tester or flow through instruments (for CO2, O2, density…) via the Steinfurth Interface, synchronising automatic sampling and measuring.


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