RC24 – Remote control unit

The RC-24 Remote Controller makes it possible to operate and control in-line Maselli analyzers from a distant location. This is particularly useful when an analyzer is installed in a position which is difficult to get to, or if the analyzer in question is not equipped with a display unit.

The RC-24 is connected to the analyzer by an RS485 serial interface and has the capability to repeat the same displays and commands found on the unit installed in-line. This allows the operator to behave as if they were acting directly on the analyzer itself.

Main functions of the RC-24

The features of the unit include :

  • RS485 serial connection to a Maselli analyzer for displaying in-line measurement data, performing calibration adjustments, setting operating parameters and monitoring analyzer diagnostics.
  • RS485 serial connection to a PC with a dedicated software package for the acquisition, processing and display of in-line measurement data.
  • Auxiliary RS485 serial connection which can be configured for PROFIBUS DP or ETHERNET/IP communication using optional interface modules.
  • Capability of directly measuring and displaying data from an in-line pH probe.
  • The ability to measure and display external process variables such as temperature, via programmable analogue input channels.
  • Provision of two programmable analogue output channels (0…20mA or 4…20mA).
  • Two programmable alarm output contacts.
  • Two programmable digital inputs.

The RC-24 can be installed in two different ways :

  • Panel mounting
  • Wall mounting

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