MLAB8 – Beverage supervisor software

The M8 generation MultiLab is a powerful remote control and data acquisition system used with the Maselli IB series analyzers. It operates on PC based hardware and can be installed  at-line, local to the operator, or in the laboratory.

The characteristic touch-screen interface and series of simplified menus make it quick and easy to use, both by line operators and laboratory personnel. It takes just a few simple steps to begin production, perform calibration or display a graph while data collection and storage proceed or to extract a series of data in .xls. The operator has the line trend, performance levels and any problems under control at all times, without any distractions, as data is clear and easy to read as are the process alarm conditions.

High performance diagnostic software notifies the operator of any problems; the operator need only to press a button to record all the line operating parameters active at that precise moment so that they can be passed on to our technical assistance service to help rectify any problem as quickly as possible. The use of different password levels guarantees traceability of the various operations and minimizes the risk of any unauthorised personnel accessing sensitive data or settings. The various products are stored in the form of recipes which hold all the various parameters characterize the product.

The capability to store up to 999 different recipes offers a large margin of operability for any production site.


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