Laser Measurement System

The Laser Measurement System LMS(TM) performs dimensional analysis on containers of various shapes and sizes, quickly and accurately. The LMS(TM) scans single-serve packages, large volume packages, and everything in between.

Functional description:

In addition to standard scanning functions, the LMS(TM) searches a region of the bottle, finds the smallest or largest diameter in that region, and scans the container at that specific location. The instrument is an excellent system for comparison data before and after the package is processed. For Brix measurement Steinfurth recommends the Maselli LR02 refractometer. A saphirprism, a durable LED-light source, a high resolution CCD-Sensor and easiest handling guarantee high accurate user independent measurement results. Via serial data-interface the Maselli LR02 is, as well as other high quality brix measurement devices with data-interface (f. e. from Bellingham & Stanley,…), easy and fast adaptable to the Steinfurth CPA-concept.  The high precision balance Steinfurth® FLB 3400 is used to measure the fill level, by taking tare weight and density into account and is available as Standalone or “Slave” device.

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