LCS710P Laboratory Carbonation System

2.LCS 710

Precise CO2 carbonation

The quality enhancing properties of carbon dioxide are widely known within the beverage industry. Each beverage has its own specific content of carbon dioxide, particularly taste and flavor which are optimally developed. Until now it has been complicated, requiring a lot of time & money to produce beverage samples with individual CO2 content.

The LCS 710 P carbonates individual beverage samples with exactly predefined CO2 content. This unit makes it possible to reproduce, easily & quickly samples for analysis. The versatility of different carbonation settings helps us develop beverage samples for “sensoric” testing.


  • An injection probe is pushed into the test bottle. To start, a pressure of approximately 6 bars is generated within the bottle.
  • Two defined shift phases are used to remove the air (or other gases) from the package headspace.
  • Through a dosing piston an exact predefined quantity of CO2 will be added to the liquid. Un-dissolved CO2 will be “re-dosed” until it is absorbed completely by the liquid.


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