IPPS Version IM

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Interactive Programmable Pressure-Sequencer Version IM

Test device for closures  detecting smallest pressure leakages on closures

Wherever beverage packages are made or used, pressure and leak tests are a vital part of quality control. The Steinfurth IPPS-IM is a powerful tool for testing pressure resistance and sealing properties of closures under adverse conditions such as elevated temperatures or exposure to chemicals. The IPPS-IM performs the so-called “Leak Test” (Environmental Stress Crack Test on Closures). Up to 72 samples can be tested simultaneously.

This system is used for an automated Environmental Stress Crack Test on Plastic Closures.


The samples consist of closures screwed onto PET preforms featuring the original threads. Before any test, these PET preforms must be fitted with special pneumatic quick couplings. The sample preforms are fitted to the work benches with their closures on top. First, the IPPS-IM pressurizes the samples with a defined testing pressure, after which a shut-off valve isolates the sample from the pressure source. Afterwards, the pressure inside each sample is constantly monitored and recorded. If the pressure inside a sample drops under a defined limit (permitted pressure drop), the sample will be re-pressurized by the shut-off valve opening for a short period, after which it will be isolated again.

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