Rotech Inspection Keg


Rotech Inspection KEG monitoring tool

ROTECH MK5 is a brewery standard keg fitted with sensors and a data logger unit. It is an essential tool for every brewery with keg filling line, large or small. Send it through the line as normal; transfer data to PC or laptop; look at the results on screen and see exactly what is happening inside the keg during every cycle of washing, disinfection and filling. Without this information, it is almost impossible to know if disinfection treatment is adequate (temperature + contact time + steam quality) – or even if all air has been purged from the keg. Are there any filling or gas problems? – see why; and how to fix.

The ROTECH MK5 removes all doubt or questions. Its powerful friendly software instantly shows the quality and effectiveness of keg disinfection, and any other problems or opportunities for process improvement.

The record from the ROTECH keg is a positive statement of quality – essential for many ISO 9000 procedures and HACCP responsibilities.


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